We are Injured Workers helping one another




The Injured Workers of  PA (IWPA) is a NON-PROFIT organization, made up of Union & Non-Union people that will come to your aid and educate you of your rights.
We will stand by you and help you find the answers to the many questions you and your family will have. We are your support group, you must come to us in order to get the help and guidance you will need. If you know someone that needs help, tell him or her about the Injured Workers of PA.
Workers’ Compensation is the exclusive remedy for workplace injury. Workers gave up their right to sue employers for negligence or even gross negligence in exchange for a PROMPT, FAIR, NO-FAULT compensation system. It is no longer a PROMPT, FAIR, NO-FAULT compensation system. The reform Act 44 (1993) & Act 57 (1996) have taken away many of the injured workers rights. Workers’ compensation is no longer about taking care of the injured worker in there time of need. Private Insurance Companies have made the system about “PROFIT”! Not about taking care of the INJURED WORKER and his family.


When someone is injured in the work place, they don't know what to do, how to report the injury, or even if they should report the injury at all. Under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Law, if you are injured in the work place, you are entitled to certain benefits. Much too often, some companies try to take advantage of their employees by not posting the law in their work place for all to see, by joining a Injured Workers of PA you have people you can turn to for help, people who have gone through the system, people who care about YOU!

We will guide you step, by step through the system.

Meetings are once a month.

Our Organization is run by you, the Injured Worker, for the Injured Worker.

DUES are collected once a year and are very reasonable for the information and the help you will receive.

If you are injured, or know someone that is injured, then the Injured Workers of PA can help you understand your rights under the PA Worker's Compensation Act.

If you need some information about PA's Worker's Compensation System or you need a little support to make it through tough times, then we are here for you.